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Special Series

India Stone for KME (Mounted)

  KME form-factor stones are suitable for KME, Hapstone, Blitz 360 and all KME compatible sharpeners
  This stone was not made by Norton, it was cut from Norton authentic stone.




India sharpening stones are used for coarse sharpening knives on KME or Hapstone knife sharpeners. India is one of the oldest and the most well-known sharpening stones in the USA. India stones are made of oil-treated aluminum oxide. All India stones are 5-6 mm thick.

It is advisable to use India stones to sharpen knives made of soft or medium stainless steel. Use of India stones to sharpen knives made of hard steel is not recommended - use Crystolon instead.

India Stones may be used with oil as a lubricant, or without lubricants at all.

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