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Arashiyama Semi-Natural Whetstone for KME

For Hapstone and KME knife sharpeners (KME format)
$24.00 USD 📊 Grit Chart
JIS Grit


Arashiyama sharpening stones are used for sharpening knives on KME and Hapstone knife sharpeners. Arashiyama stones are made of milled natural abrasive.

All Arashiyama stones are 6 mm thick.

Arashiyama stones are available in two grits: 1000 and 6000 JIS.

Arashiyama is preliminarily lapped and does not require lapping after purchase.

Arashiyama should be used with water as a lubricant. Do not soak Arashiyama stones in water. Just splash, or use a water spray. Never store stones in water. Never dry stones near heat.

About Imanishi

Imanishi is well-known Japanese supplier of synthetic, natural and semi-natural whetstones.

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