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Hapstone V6 Deluxe Knife Sharpener (Limited Edition)

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Hapstone V6 is 6th generation of successful V-series. V6 is being heralded as the ultimate knife sharpener with ability to use thousands of sharpening stones. The new V6 delivers breath-taking features while pushing the boundaries for knife sharpening enthusiasts who demand the best.

Deluxe kit includes high-quality sharpening stone set of your choice and sharpening accessories for polishing and stropping. Hapstone Deluxe sharpener is made in blue and packed to handmade wooden box.

5-Year Limited Warranty


  • The V6 is the first knife sharpener on the market capable to set any sharpening angle in a range from 13 to 45 degree.
  • Rotating Clamp System to clamp the knife and flip it easy and fast during sharpening. It helps maintaining the consistent sharpening angle when flipping the knife.
  • Three Point Guide for a high-precision knife positioning. The knife rests on two contact points and after flipping it will have exactly the same position, so the sharpening angle stays correct and consistent.
  • Lightweight horizontal shaft for better pressure control during the sharpening process.
  • Digital Angle Gauge (inclinometer) for high-precision sharpening angle setup.
  • Narrow stone holder for comfortable side look when using narrow sharpening stones.
  • Parking device for horizontal shaft.
  • Modified T-leg design for maximum stability.
  • Rigid shaft couplings to avoid accident part movements during the sharpening process.
  • Metal pivot unit with PTFE insert provides smooth shaft movement and requires no lubrication or cleaning.

V6 inherits all features of Hapstone Pro V5 delivering even more capabilities at affordable price point.

  • All basic parts made of metal. Hapstone knife sharpener is built to last forever. Thumb screws are made of high-end plastic made in Italy.
  • Universal stone holder suitable for the installation of sharpening stones up to 20 cm.
  • Full compatibility with Edge Pro stones mounted on blanks with 45 degree bevel.
  • Thickness compensator allowing for sharpening stones of different thicknesses to be used while maintaining the chosen angle.
  • Rubber covered blade table to protect your knives from scratches.
  • Strong neodymium magnet to facilitate knife fastening and the sharpening process.
  • Rubber coated supporting legs that can be used on any surface.
  • Spring for quick changes to the sharpening stone.
  • Stopper rings to limit the movement of the horizontal shaft.
  • Wooden handle to make time-consuming work a little easier.

These specifications enable Hapstone to deliver an industry leading high-precision knife sharpener to the market. V6 is designed specifically for sharpening enthusiasts looking for the best experience without breaking the bank!


The manufacturer provides 5 year warranty on Hapstone V6 knife sharpeners. You can be sure in the reliability of the devices and supporting from manufacturer for the entire period of use.

Gritomatic handles warranty support for Hapstone sharpeners in the USA.

Stone bundles

You can purchase a Hapstone V6 Deluxe in bundle with one of our stone sets. Each of the recommended stone bundles includes stones with evenly incremented grit (grain size).

US$ 579

Venev Diamond 100 + 240
Venev Diamond 400 + 800
Venev Diamond 1200 + 2000

Synthetic diamond
All diamonds are dual-sided. Six grits total.
For all steels.
Read details...
US$ 599
Boride Ruby 150
Boride AM-K 220
Boride T2 400
Boride Golden Star 800
Boride PC 1200
Aluminum Oxide
For medium and soft steels (up to 59 hRC)
All stones are pre-lapped and mounted on blanks
Read details...

Accessories kits

US$ 219-279
Hapstone V6 Knife Sharpener
Black Marker
Three Points Guide
Thickness Compensator
Parking device
2 stopper rings
Angle Gauge Holder
Standard Box
US$ 579-599
Alternate color Hapstone V6 Knife Sharpener
Black Marker
Three Points Guide
Classic Guide/Clamp
Thickness Compensator
Parking device
2 stopper rings
Angle Gauge Holder
Digital Angle Gauge
Rotating Clamp System
Leather Strop for Edge Pro
Dialux White Compound
Glass Blank (2x narrow with Diamond bundle; 1x standard with Boride bundle)
Polishing Films (6x narrow 1 um + 6x narrow 0.3 um with Diamond bundle; 16x 1 um with Boride bundle)
9" Ultra-Fine Ceramic Honong Rod
Wooden Box
Standard Box
All components of the Hapstone V6 Standard sharpener are kept reside in a factory carton box with a Styrofoam interior. This box doubles as a shipping container.
Wooden Box
All components of the Hapstone V6 Deluxe sharpener and bundle are kept in a stylish wooden carrying case with a acoustic foam interior. The case is packed in a separate carton.

How to use Hapstone Sharpener

Hapstone knife sharpener is shipped disassembled and requires assembling. Please refer to User's Guide. User's Guide does not cover accessories of Deluxe bundle.

How to use bundled stones


Bundled stones are made of aluminum oxide. Water is required to use. Immerse all stones in water for 10 minutes before use and keep them wet during the work. Do not keep the stones in water for long time.

Stone set is optimized for sharpening knives made of soft steels. Using the stones with steels with hardness more than 59 hRC is not recommended.


Bundled diamonds are dual-sided, one side is coarsier than other. Three stones have total six grits. It is little bit tricky to identify grits. You can find identification marks on side face. The mark is grit specified in FEPA-F scale with arrow symbol facing to corresponding surface. A finer side is always copper colored.

All diamonds are bonded, not coated. It means you can clean, refresh, flatten and lap your diamond like any other synthetic stone. It's recommended to use water as lubricant to prevent stone loading.


  • What Limited Edition means?

    Hapstone V6 Deluxe Limited Edition is produced in very small and fixed production run. Only 23 pcs have been made. All Deluxe sharpeners are blue.

User's Guide

Download Hapstone V6 User's Guide (in PDF format)

About Hapstone

In the past few years, Hapstone sharpeners have become extremely popular in Eastern Europe. The team of young engineers has created a line of knife sharpeners combining high quality, rich features, and competitive pricing. Hapstone continues to develop its product range by creating innovative accessories and abrasives.

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