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Coated Diamond Stone for Edge Pro

For Hapstone and Edge Pro knife sharpeners (Edge Pro format)

Country of origin: USA USA

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Eze-Lap Diamonds are used for sharpening knives on Edge Pro sharpeners. All Eze-Lap diamonds are mounted on high quality aluminum blanks with laser engraving. Diamond sharpening stones are unrivaled when in comes to sharpening hard steel knives.

Eze-Lap Diamond Sharpening Stones consist of nickel plates and a diamond electroplated coating. All diamond particles are located on the working surface, providing maximum sharpening performance.


  • Product size: 160 x 25 x 6 mm (6" x 1" x ¼")
  • Working surface: 150 x 24 x 2.6 mm (6" x 1" x ⅛")
  • Weight: 106 g (3.7 oz)
  • Abrasive: Coated Synthetic Diamonds
  • Extra materials: Nickel, Aluminum Blank, 3M PSA

How to use

Eze-Lap diamonds should be used with one of these lubricants:

  • Water
  • Soapy water

Dry usage is acceptable practice, although it results in faster wearing and speeds up stone loading.

Eze-Lap diamonds do not have any minor defects.

Eze-Lap diamond does not require any preparations.

Warning! If your knife sharpener has a strong magnet, Eze-Lap diamonds will be difficult to use as the steel plate will be attracted to the magnet.

Q & A

  • What is the difference between Eze-Lap and stock Edge Pro diamonds?

    There is no difference. Edge Pro diamonds are simply branded Eze-Lap diamonds. Eze-Lap offers 4 grits, while Edge Pro only offers 2 grits. We buy diamonds from Eze-Lap and mount them on aluminum blanks in exactly the same way as Edge Pro. The only difference is that we retain the names of the original sharpening stones when naming our end products.

  • Can I use Eze-Lap diamonds and 6 mm thick stones simultaneously?

    Yes, but you must use a thickness compensator because Eze-Lap diamonds are 2.6 mm thick, while most of sharpening stones we offer are 6 mm thick. It's highly recommended to own a thickness compensator because the ability to use sharpening stones of different thicknesses allows for a high level of flexibility.

  • Can I buy Eze-Lap diamonds to sharpen all my knives? If it's okay for hard steel, it should be even better for soft steel, right?

    No, we do not recommend doing this. Coated diamonds will wear extremely quick when used on soft steel, making Eze-Lap an uneconomical choice. If you own knives of both hard and soft steel, consider buying bonded rather than coated diamonds.

  • Are Eze-Lap diamonds really original? Why they are not available on the Eze-Lap web-site?

    We buy Eze-Lap diamond sharpening hones directly from Eze-Lap and attach the stones to aluminum blanks. You can buy 250, 400 and 600 grit diamonds on a walnut pedestal (instead of the Edge Pro blank) on the Eze-Lap website. However, Eze-Lap does not offer 1200 grit diamonds online.

  • Can I sharpen ceramic knives with Eze-Lap diamonds?

    Theoretically, yes. However, sharpening ceramic knives is technically difficult and uneconomical in most cases. Diamond hones can cause microchipping when used on ceramics. Consider purchasing a new ceramic knife instead of sharpening it.

  • My Eze-Lap 1200 grit diamond creates large grooves on the cutting edge. What is wrong with it?

    This is completely normal for diamond sharpening, especially on high carbon steels. Diamonds offer high performance, sacrificing cutting edge quality. If you need a very accurate cutting edge, you should switch to non-diamond abrasives.

  • Can I buy Eze-Lap diamond without a blank?

    We don't sell diamonds without blanks.

About Eze-Lap

Eze-Lap manufactures a wide variety of diamond products for sharpening knives and tools. EZE-LAP has been a pioneer and originator of diamond sharpeners since the early 1970′s. The unique diamond process and modern technology allows EZE-LAP to produce the finest quality diamond products for the lowest possible price. EZE-LAP offers the flattest, most consistent production diamond tools avalable on the market today. Even after years of satisfaction, EZE-LAP customers are still amazed at the quality and consistency of the finishes that are achieved by the diamond tools.

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