Venev Curved Metallic Bonded Diamond Stone for KME

For KME and Hapstone knife sharpeners (KME format)
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Curved Venev Bonded Diamonds are used for sharpening inwardly curved blades on Hapstone and KME knife sharpeners. Diamond sharpening stones offer excellent performance in sharpening knives of any steel. The working surface is curved. Curved diamonds are designed to sharpen kukris, karambits, hawkbills, scythes and any type of recurved blades.

Curved Diamonds consist of a 2 mm-thick diamond-bearing layer on a metal base. The diamond-bearing layer contains evenly distributed diamond grains with metal bonding. Metal bonding gives the sharpening diamond stone a long lifespan.

Venev Diamonds are available in a wide range of grit from F 80 (200 um) to F 1200 (3 um).


  • Product size: 100 x 12 x 5 mm (4" x ½" x ¼")
  • Working surface: 100 x 12 mm (4" x ½")
  • Weight: 37 g (1.3 oz)
  • Abrasive: Synthetic Diamonds with copper-tin alloy bonding
  • Curvature: 50 mm
  • Geometry tolerance: up to 0.2 mm

How to use

Venev Diamonds are recommended to be used with water as a lubricant for the best feedback. The diamond does not absorb water. Splash water on the stone's surface. Dry usage is an acceptable practice.

Venev Diamonds may have the geometry tolerance up to 0.2 mm. Because diamonds are curved, extra lapping by a customer is not permitted.


  • Why curved diamonds don't utilize organic bonding similar to other Venev diamonds?

    The primary purpose of curved diamonds is precise honing at inside of pipe. The organic bonding technology is not suitable for this task.

  • Venev 2000 grit diamond creates large grooves on the cutting edge. What is wrong with it?

    This is completely normal for diamond sharpening, especially on high carbon steels. Diamonds offer high performance, sacrificing cutting edge quality. If you need a very accurate cutting edge, you should switch to non-diamond abrasives.

  • The max grit of Venev diamonds is 2000. What grit is good as a next step?

    The first thing to consider while combining stones from different brands is grit scale. Venev 2000 grit diamonds use 1 micron particles . In term of grit, Venev 2000 is an ultra-fine finish (approximately 15K waterstone grit).

  • What grit scale is used for Venev diamonds?

    Curved diamonds are marked with FEPA-F, JIS and national standard GOST 9206 (in micron) on the reverse side. FEPA-F is used to choose a desired grit when purchasing. F 2000 grit diamond is marked "1/0-F2000-J15000").

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About Venev Industrial Diamonds

Venev Industrial Diamonds
Venev Industrial Diamonds (VID) is one of the Russia’s leading producers of synthetic diamonds. For over 30 years, the plant has produced a wide range of diamond tools, as well as high-quality synthetic diamond powder for the past 20 years. Modern equipment and highly developed processing technology allowed the plant to introduce its products to the world market in 1995. VID offer a wide range of metal, metalloorganic and organic bonded diamond tools, as well as diamond paste, diamond powders and micropowders.

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