Breeze Semi-Natural Stone for KME (Mounted)

  KME form-factor stones are suitable for KME, Hapstone, Blitz 360 and all KME compatible sharpeners



Breeze semi-natural sharpening stones are used for finish sharpening knives on KME and Hapstone knife sharpeners. Breeze stones are unique. They are made of milled natural quartz with particle size 3 micron, delivering 4000 grit.

Breeze sharpening stone can create very uniform cutting edge without a pronounced scratch pattern. Breeze stones are universal and can be used to sharpen knives of any steel.

How to use

Breeze is demanding to the pressure control during the sharpening. Apply as low pressure as you can to the cutting edge. If you achieve irregular scratch pattern or microchipping, it means the pressure was too high.

During the sharpening, the slurry is released from the Breeze surface. You may keep slurry on the stone surface. The more slurry is released, the more abrasive the grinding compound becomes. 

Breeze stone is preliminarily lapped and does not require lapping after purchase.

Breeze sharpening stones should be used with water or soapy water as a lubricant. Soak the stone in the water for 2 minutes before use.

Questions and answers

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