Baikalite Whetstone for KME (Mounted)

For KME and Hapstone knife sharpeners (KME format)
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Baikalite sharpening stones are used for finish sharpening and honing knives on Hapstone and KME sharpeners. Baikalite is a naturally abrasive material of high density.

Baikalite is mined in the Baikal region of Russia. Baikalite is a dense, opaque variery of silica rock.


  • Product size: 100 x 25 x 6 mm (4" x 1" x ¼")
  • Weight: 40 g (1.4 oz)
  • Abrasive: Cryptocrystalline Silica

How to use

Baikalite stones should be used with one of these lubricants:

  • Refined olive oil
  • Oleic aсid

Only one side of the stone is lapped. Opposide side is marked by slate pencil - don't use it.

Baikalite stones do not have any minor defects. Baikalite stones always have a color pattern; this is not a defect.

Baikalite stone does not require any preparations. It is naturally lapped to ultra-fine grit. This is a big advantage because the difficulty of lapping Baikalite is very high.


I consider myself a pretty good judge of naturals. I've been receiving a lot of new stones lately. I had agreed with Gabriel J Warren and Jonathan Coe on their estimated grits. To be honest the Russian Baikaylt had me puzzled. My original post I estimated it relatively low. After a brief conversation with Konstantin I realized I must try it again. So today I grabbed my Gold Dollar #66 razor broke the edge and set it on a 1k ceramic. Next I headed out to the garage with my stone carrier, oil, and the stone in question. After about 15 minutes of honing and stroping on the stone it passed the HHT " hanging hair test". While keeping my full beard I cleaned up my neck line, mustache, and soul patch. This was done with water only to truly test the edge. I was very surprised with a very crisp and clean shave! Previous sharpening test was done with water. I have to say with oil the Baikaylt became a new stone all together. After this recent test I would agree it definitely falls between the 6k-8k range.
Kevin Bishop in KME Users Facebook group

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