Baikalite Whetstone for KME (Mounted)

  KME form-factor stones are suitable for KME, Hapstone, Blitz 360 and all KME compatible sharpeners



Baikalite sharpening stones are used to finish sharpening and honing knives on Hapstone and KME sharpeners. Baikalite is a naturally abrasive material of high density.

Baikalite is mined in the Baikal region of Russia. Baikalite is a dense, opaque variety of silica rock.


  • Product size: 100 x 25 x 6 mm (4" x 1" x ¼")
  • Weight: 40 g (1.4 oz)
  • Abrasive: Cryptocrystalline Silica

How to use

Baikalite stones should be used with one of these lubricants:

  • Refined olive oil
  • Oleic aсid

Baikalite stones do not have any minor defects. Baikalite stones always have a color pattern; this is not a defect.

Baikalite stone does not require any preparations. It is naturally lapped to ultra-fine grit. This is a big advantage because the difficulty of lapping Baikalite is very high.


I consider myself a pretty good judge of naturals. I've been receiving a lot of new stones lately. I had agreed with Gabriel J Warren and Jonathan Coe on their estimated grits. To be honest the Russian Baikaylt had me puzzled. My original post I estimated it relatively low. After a brief conversation with Konstantin I realized I must try it again. So today I grabbed my Gold Dollar #66 razor broke the edge and set it on a 1k ceramic. Next I headed out to the garage with my stone carrier, oil, and the stone in question. After about 15 minutes of honing and stroping on the stone it passed the HHT " hanging hair test". While keeping my full beard I cleaned up my neck line, mustache, and soul patch. This was done with water only to truly test the edge. I was very surprised with a very crisp and clean shave! Previous sharpening test was done with water. I have to say with oil the Baikaylt became a new stone all together. After this recent test I would agree it definitely falls between the 6k-8k range.
Kevin Bishop in KME Users Facebook group

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