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With respect to knives

It all started in Moscow, Russia, in 2012 with an idea to create an online store for passionate knife fans - a place where you could find everything needed to care for your knives and keep them sharp. In the beginning there were only two of us: Konstantin & Olga, and after 9 months of preparations we launched the store - the baby was born. For 2 years now we have been widening the range of products we sell, have found new suppliers, organized logistics and upgraded order fulfillment. 

Now it is high time for us to take the next step and start selling worldwide - as of January 2016 Gritomatic delivers abroad. Gritomatic offers different types of knife sharpeners, natural and ceramic sharpening stones of various origins, and honing rods. Boride, Naniwa, Dan's Whetstone are among the brands represented in the store. Our values are respect and support. We don't just sell; we help you make the right choice for your specific needs and for your knife. We use our professional expertise to help you buy only what you really need.

You can contact us by mail, on Facebook or Twitter, and you'll hear back from one of us.

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