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Special Series

Grand Logarithmic Grit Chart

Knife Sharpeners and Stone Formats Compatibility Chart

Venev Celectial Family


Bodrid Dressing Stone Gritomatic from $8.40 USD
Breeze Semi-Natural Nagura Gritomatic $13.00 USD
CBN Stropping Paste Poltava Diamond Tools from $12.00 USD
Dan's Honing Oil 3 oz Dan's Whetstone Sold Out
Dialux Stropping Paste Osborn from $4.70 USD
Digital Angle Gauge Gritomatic $17.00 USD
Flattening and Lapping Kit Gritomatic $49.00 USD
Idahone 9" Fine Replacement Rod Idahone from $8.00 USD
Idahone Eraser Idahone $5.50 USD
Jende Poly Diamond Emulsion Jende from $16.50 USD
KME CBN Emulsion KME $18.95 USD
Lansky Eraser Idahone Sold Out
Laser Edge Goniometer Lite Gritomatic $75.00 USD
Laser Edge Goniometer Pro Gritomatic $176.00 USD