Double Fillet Clamp for TSProf K03 (Pair)



It is a unique clamp with a modified shape of the jaws and in conjunction with the use of special screws has a minimum angle of sharpening of 6.5° per side. Due to the two gripping points, the blade deflection is impossible. It is possible to move the clamps along the entire length of the frame independently.

It suits dining and filet knives with a narrow spine.

Clamping jaws are made of steel grade 65G; springs are made of structural steel 60С2А.

You can sharpen kitchen knives, sirloin knives, key-chain knives, straight razors, and other narrow and long knives. 

Recommended blade length: 30-300 mm

Minimum blade width: 10 mm

Jaws width: 16 mm, 2 pcs.

We do not recommend to use it for knives with a butt thicker than 2.5 mm to avoid damage to the jaws.