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Silicon Carbide Sharpening Bench Stone 8" x 3"


JIS Grit: 1500


Abrasive Silicon carbide
Available Grits 📊 Grit Chart
120 JIS XC
240 JIS C
400 JIS M
600 JIS M
1000 JIS F
1200 JIS F
1500 JIS F
2500 JIS EF
Bonding Vitrified bonding
Country of Origin Russia
glgc gritomatic-benchstone
Lubricant Water
Thickness of Abrasive 25 mm (1")
Total Thickness 25 mm (1")
Working Surface 203 x 75 mm (8" x 3")


Gritomatic Sharpening Bench Stones are used for free hand sharpening knives. The stones are made of silicon carbide and are designed for the hardest steels (up to 65 HRC).

It is advisable to use silicon carbide stones for sharpening knives made of hard stainless steel or carbon steel, such as: ZDP-189, ZDP-247, S30V, S35VN, S90V, S110V, 154CM, D2, YXR7, Cowry, S290, S390, K294, K390, M390, Elmax, 154CPM, ATS-34, 440C, AUS-8, AUS-10, A2, BG-42.. Using silicon carbide stones to sharpen knives made of soft steel is not recommended, as it will cause the stones to wear an at increased rate.

Gritomatic Silicon Carbide Stones are preliminary lapped and do not require lapping after purchase.

Gritomatic Silicon Carbide Stones are recommended to be used with water as lubricant. Soak the stone for 5-10 minutes and splash water on the stone's surface to prevent drying.