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Cowhide Leather Strop for Edge Pro


Type: Standard


Leather Strop is an efficient way of final polishing a cutting edge using Hapstone or Edge Pro knife sharpener. A leather strop enhances the cutting edge by correcting small nicks and smoothing grooves. The working surface is made of a very smooth high-quality cowhide leather mounted on a high-quality aluminum blank.

Two variations: standard and premium. Leather in the premium strop is much thinner (similar to Kangaroo strop) and slightly finer than standard.

Thickness of leather: approximately 4 mm
Thickness of aluminum blank: 3 mm
Thickness of leather: approximately 1 mm
Thickness of aluminum blank: 5 mm

Gently slide the cutting edge over the strop, repeating 20-30 times for each side of the blade. The motion should avoid damaging the strop with the cutting edge.