8" x 2.75" Tuffite Natural Bench Whetstone In Box

$101.00 USD 📊 Grit Chart


Tuffite Whetstones are used for the freehand finish sharpening. Tuffite extra-fine natural stone with estimated grit approximately 4000-5000 JIS.

Tuffite stone is mined in the Baikal region of Russia. Tuffite is a tuff containing predominantly pyroclastic materials. It consists of different-sized quartz crystal grains (average 50 microns) cemented by cryptocrystalline quartz-chalcedony.

One side of Tuffite is preliminarily lapped and does not require lapping after purchase. Tuffite sharpening stones should be used with a honing oil or water as a lubricant. The stone does not absorb oil or water. When using honing oil, put a small amount (1-2 drops) on the stone’s surface and spread it evenly over the stone with a finger. Remove the used lubricant with a paper towel.

Tuffite may have slight natural imperfections and pattern; this is not a defect.

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