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Area of Accessories

Gunny Glide Graphene Lubricant Gunny from $10.00 USD
Digital Angle Gauge Gritomatic $18.50 USD
Venev Diamond Stropping Paste in Lip Balm Tube Venev Industrial Diamonds from $6.10 USD
Hex Screwdriver Gritomatic $5.00 USD
Plywood Storage Case for Edge Pro Gritomatic from $24.00 USD
Loose Silicon Carbide Powder Gritomatic from $7.50 USD
Venev Diamond Stropping Paste in Jar Venev Industrial Diamonds from $8.90 USD
Jende Poly Diamond Emulsion Jende from $16.50 USD
CBN Stropping Paste Gritomatic Sold Out
25-mm Loupe with LED No brand $4.10 USD
Dialux Stropping Paste Osborn from $6.60 USD
Roll Bag for Edge Pro Gritomatic Sold Out
Idahone Eraser Idahone $4.50 USD
Silicon Carbide Powder Full Set Gritomatic $29.00 USD
Laser Edge Goniometer Lite Gritomatic $70.00 USD
Loose Aluminum Oxide Powder Gritomatic Sold Out
Bodrid Dressing Stone Gritomatic Sold Out
Venev Diamond Stropping Compound Sampler (8 grits) Venev Industrial Diamonds $30.00 USD
Flattening and Lapping Kit Gritomatic Sold Out
Gunny Slides Lubricant Gunny $18.00 USD
Laser Edge Goniometer Master Gritomatic from $225.00 USD
Ball-End Hex Screwdriver No brand from $6.30 USD