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TSProf K03 PRO
Knife Sharpener (2023)


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TSProf K03 PRO is an updated version of K03, the most famous Russian knife sharpener. TSProf is high-precision CNC machining, wear-resistant materials, the tightest tolerances, and strict quality control for each unit. K03 Pro will help you get a perfectly sharp edge of the blade even faster, more accurately, and with more convenience.

[BLACK] Edition

  • 🦾K03 PRO Body The body type defines primary capabilities of TSProf sharpening system. Body consists of the mainframe, the rotary unit with the clamp bar, the pivot unit on the height adjuster, and the guide rod with the stone holder.
  • 📐Pro Height Adjuster (POM version) is equipped with a modern rack and pinion lift, which has a rail with involute (toothed) gearing and fine adjustment, allowing you to set the angle with an accuracy of 0.1°. The height adjuster with an extended angle, due to its improved design, will allow you to sharpen knives in a range of angles from 8° to 39°, which allows you to sharpen to a total angle of up to 78°.
  • 📐Axicube-I - the first electronic angle finder designed specifically for sharpening systems. Setting an angle with an accuracy of 0.1° has never been easier or more convenient, the angle finder is built directly into the abrasive holder.
  • ⚙️Universal Stone Holder supports any sharpening stones 4" to 8" with the optimal visibility for narrow stones (such as Venev Ursa and Gemini series) and full compatibility with Edge Pro and KME format stones
  • 🔩Hex Screwdriver Set on Black Holder: 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm
  • 🔪Triple Fillet Clamp Configuration capable to create very acute sharpening angles on any blade (Single Fillet Clamp + 2x Whole Milled Fillet Clamps)
  • 🅿️Spring-Assisted Parking Adapter
  • 🛑Spring-Assisted Stopper
  • ⚙️Thickness Compensator for PRO Angle Height Adjuster
  • ⚙️Black Grito-Handle and Standard Wooden Ball Handle
  • 🕳️Heavy Stand
  • 📦Reinforced Wooden Box
  • 📈Waterproof Grand Logarithmic Grit Chart
  • 🖊️King Size Sharpie Marker
  • 🔧Parts Kit
  • 📒User's Guide

Kits Comparison

K03 Lite
🏷️Stock kit
📦Carton Box
📐PRO Height Adjuster
🔪2x Whole Milled Clamps
🏷️Stock kit
📦Carton Box
📐PRO Height Adjuster
📐Integrated Axicube-I
🔪2x Whole Milled Clamps
🔩1x Hex Screwdriver
K03 PRO Hunter
🏷️Stock kit
📦Wooden crate
📐PRO Height Adjuster
📐Integrated Axicube-I
🕳️Heavy Base
🔪2x Whole Milled Clamps
🏷️Custom kit
📦Wooden crate
📐PRO Height Adjuster
⚙️Thickness Compensator
📐Integrated Axicube-I
🕳️Heavy Base
🔪2x Whole Milled Fillet Clamps
Single Fillet Clamp
🔩Hex Screwdriver Set on Holder
📈Waterproof Grit Chart
🖊️King Size Sharpie Marker