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TSProf K03 LITE Knife Sharpener


Stone Bundle: Configurator
  # Number of stones in the stone set or the sharpener bundle .


Abrasive Stone bundles and barebone are available


TSProf K03 Lite is a modified version of K03 Pro without Axicube. Don't get confused by its name - K03 Lite is based on Pro Hight Adjuster and positioned between K03 Pro and K03 Expert. 

Pro Height Adjuster is equipped with a modern rack and pinion lift, which has a rail with involute (toothed) gearing and fine adjustment, allowing you to set the angle with an accuracy of 0.1°. The height adjuster with an extended angle, due to its improved design, will allow you to sharpen knives in a range of angles from 8° to 39°, which allows you to sharpen to a total angle of up to 78°. The movable part is connected to the base with a dovetail, which guarantees absolute accuracy of angle setting. An additional locking screw allows the lift to be rigidly locked during deburring operations. An additional lifting rod is used to increase the angle of sharpening. Fixing its position is now more convenient: the fixing screw can be installed on either side of the body.

Expert Guide Rod of the classic design. The universal stone holder allows you to use any abrasive stones up to 8", both on blanks and without them.

  • Auto-locking rotary mechanism lets you flip the knife as many times as you need in order to sharpen both sides of the blade.
  • Universal stone holder supports any sharpening stones up to 8.5" long, both flat-end and Edge Pro form-factor.
  • Whole-milled clamps made of high-strength aircraft duralumin are simple to use (no calibration or adjustment).
  • U-fork pivot unit
  • Parking adapter
  • Spring-assisted stoppers
  • Digital inclinometer holder